The Bravers of Wind and Rain

Thanks to all who came out to the reading (despite the weather) last evening at the Scarab Club. After a white-knuckle 2.5 hour-ride both ways, I’m truly ecstatic that this is my last poetry reading until the spring. The Woodward Line Series is in its 9th year, and is hosted by James Hart and Kim Hunter; last night Jim Matzoukis a visual artist/poet from Cleveland kicked things off, followed by Rob Lipton, who read work from his book, “A Complex Bravery” as well as new work. As usual Rob’s poems had the audience back on our heels and nervously laughing–a quality I love about his work. It was great seeing friends in the audience, and strangers.

I read entirely from my new manuscript Severance–and it was a joy to read these poems–only the second time I’ve let them fly–for such a receptive audience. The Q and A afterward was pretty intense, especially when one is on the spot to speak of a manuscript still in progress! A sampling (not verbatim) of some of the questions: “These new poems were dubbed “experimental” by the host who introduced you. What do you consider “experimental” poetry?” “If it is Grief’s job to change your speaker’s role, and take him from the “stage” is it Regret that sends him back?” “Is your work ever inspired by dreams?” “This new manuscript represents several dichotomies: light/dark, day/night and your characters seem to live in a space between. Please tell us about that…”

One guarantee of the Woodward Line series: Everyone is there to listen and to listen hard.