Poetry Harvesting

So much poetry is blazing in the trees.

Thanks to all who came to my reading at the Scarab Club  on 9/19; it was a huge pleasure to read in my hometown again, to see so many good and supportive friends, and to try out some new poems. My friend francine j. harris came to the Wellspring Literary Series on Monday 9/20 and completely lit it up, along with Ben Lambright’s poems, and Joe Hertler’s music. This weekend, get on over to Brighton for the Oaken Transformations “Ode to Autumn” poetry event; bring your favorite autumn poems to read! On 10/5 we’ll be enjoying the work of Aimee Nezhukumatathil at CMU–Wow is all I have to say to that. On 10/8 I’ll be conducting a workshop with several other writers at Blushing Sky–I’ll be doing a workshop on micro-imagery in poetry. On 10/10, I’ll welcome Nancy Eimers and William Olsen to Wellspring–a phenomenal duo. I can’t wait to hear their work aloud again. And, phew, on 10/19, I’ll be reading from my “Severance” manuscript at the Woodward Line Series in Detroit.

And after all that, I’ll probably pass out. Drunk on so much poetry.

I hope to see you out at some of these things!