from Land Songs (manuscript)

“vatn // lake” at 3Cents Magazine

“gjá // rift,” “sprungur // fractures,” “op // vent,” “innri // inner,” and “þröskuldur // threshold” at diode poetry journal

“jarðskjálfti // earthquake” at Good River Review

jökull // glacier” at Humana Obscura

“isrák // glacial striae” at The Shore

from All We Are Given We Cannot Hold (manuscript)

“All We are Given We Cannot Hold” at The Common

“Inarticulata” at  The Common

“Used to Be a Sweet Boy” at Gulf Coast

“Garden Cello” at Thrush

“The Unspeakable” at Cider Press Review

“Say Each Day Your Body Wakes Another Body” at The Baffler

“The Drop-Off” at Waxwing Literary Journal 

“Philadelphia Rooftop” at Waxwing Literary Journal

“The Rose Peddler” at The Shore

“Smear the Queer” at Palette Poetry

“Not Yet Young” at Marrow Magazine

“If Song Was the Aim” at Green Hills Literary Lantern

“On Crater Trail,” “Snow and Roses,” and“Model Nation” at Cutleaf

“Opening Image” and “Song for Standing Bells at Sienna Solstice

“Bird” at Off the Coast

“Little Moon Hero” at Off the Coast

from Cage (forthcoming)

“Man Flying Corpse Flying Man” at The Collagist

“Family Dinner” and “Man and Corpse at the Bridge” from The Storm Cellar

from Severance (Salmon Poetry, 2019)

from Our Sudden Museum (Salmon Poetry, 2017)

“Staying the Night” at The Cortland Review

“The Bird in the Room” at The Cortland Review

“A Deer in the Target” formerly published on The Writer’s Almanac, NPR.

“Watching My Daughter Through the One Way Mirror of a Preschool Observation Room” at Rattle

5 Poems on Fatherhood, from Our Sudden Museum, featured in STAND Magazine

“On Learning I Should Have Been a Twin” and “In a House Swept Away by the Sea” at The Cortland Review

“The Release” and “Paper Dolls” at The Collagist

“The House We Almost Bought” at Pea River Journal

from American Prophet (Marick Press, 2009)

“The Prophet in Flight” at

“The Prophet and the Summer Fair” at

from The Seed Thieves (Marick Press, 2006)

“Song of the Sea to the Shore” at Poetry Magazine

“Song of the Shore to the Sea” at Poetry Magazine

“Crooked Wisdom” and “The List of Good Names” formerly published on The Writer’s Almanac, NPR. 

“Light’s Bright Lies” at The Michigan Poet


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