Deep Resonances

Those who know my poetry know how much time I spend with my ear to the words,  tuning and re-tuning, trying to make them sound just right. Poetry IS music, to me. Well, what a delight it is to have a friend on the other end, who then strolls in between the words I've laid down, … Continue reading Deep Resonances

The Nourishing Dark

    Hello friends, and Happy New Year! So much happens in a decade. One day I received a call in my college office from my brothers in the hospital sitting beside my father, dying suddenly, offering me the chance to say goodbye to him through the cell phone they held up to his ear, … Continue reading The Nourishing Dark

Discussions: Our Sudden Museum

Thanks to Kimberly Ann Priest for this challenging and delightful interview in The Tishman Review about Our Sudden Museum. "Anticipation and Resignation: An Interview with Robert Fanning." The Tishman Review, Issue 3.3., P. 144. July 31, 2017. by Kimberly Ann Priest.   To read more conversations about Our Sudden Museum, click below, or visit the Media page. … Continue reading Discussions: Our Sudden Museum

Out & About

Thanks so much to all of those who've bought my new book, Our Sudden Museum, my third collection—and to all those who've come out to hear me read poems from the book. Since the release in D.C in February, I've enjoyed sharing poems across the home state in Grand Rapids, Elk Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit and … Continue reading Out & About