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Happy Spring! My fourth collection of poems, Severance, is in the world. It is available directly from Salmon Poetry for now, and soon will be available on Amazon and other outlets. I’m thrilled that this book, some 9-10 years in the making, is now reaching audience. I have begun to set up readings, and just recently—on May 14, 2019—read for Poetry Santa Cruz who invited me out to Santa Cruz, CA for a reading and interview. Huge thanks to Dennis Morton of Poetry Santa Cruz, for the invitation, and to my dear friend Rosie King, a Saginaw native, who hosted my stay at her beautiful poetry-filled house a short walk from the ocean. I was so moved by the reception of my work in Santa Cruz, and it was wonderful meeting so many great poets there, especially David Sullivan, who has been an online poet friend for the last several years–and who I met in person for the first time.

If you’d like to listen to my podcasted interview  on KSQD Santa Cruz, click here. Dennis Morton chatted with me for an hour about Our Sudden Museum and Severance. Unfortunately, a technical glitch wiped out the first half of the show when I discussed Our Sudden Museum; however, Rosie King agreed to be interviewed live on air to discuss that book and read poems from it, which is now the second part of the show, on the podcast.

On Monday, May 20, I read from Severance in the Brain Candy Series, hosted by Dan Wickett, in the super cool basement scene of Green Brain Comics in Dearborn. This was a particular thrill–especially as I saw some great Detroit friends–but mainly because my wife, Denise Whitebread Fanning, gave a terrific talk about her recent artwork, as well, which blew us all away. Missed it? Fret not. It was live-streamed, and you can watch the whole thing by clicking through to the Facebook Livestream, here. Scott Fab sang some beautiful songs in between, and Joe Grimm rounded out the evening by sharing some cool stories from his recent book about Faygo.

In June, I’ll return to Detroit to read at the Musings series, at which I’ve been a guest reader for some 10 years now. And in July, I’ll be reading in Pittsburgh, PA. Stay tuned for more upcoming readings, as they are scheduled. 

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3 thoughts on “Newsong Begins

  1. Enjoyed immensely the poetry reading you did at Flying Bear Books in Newaygo MI. Every poem you read moved me and instilled mind pictures so descriptive, I felt I was the poem. Happy to meet you in this delightful book store.

    1. Also: thank you for saying that you felt you were the poem. That is very meaningful to me, and powerful—if the poems’ boundaries were so permeable and open, I’ve done good work. Thank you!

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