Hello, friends. This spring and summer I’ve been quite busy, doing more than 10 readings to promote my most recent collection, Our Sudden Museum, published in April. I’m so thankful to everyone who has hosted my readings and been in attendance, and to those who have purchased copies of my new book. If you still don’t have a copy and are interested in picking one up, head over to Amazon, or if, like me, you’d rather support the publisher of the book, head over to Salmon Poetry.

I’ll be doing a few readings in September—if you’d like to go, head on over to the Readings page for details. 

If you’d like to read some recent interviews about Our Sudden Museum, check out a couple from this spring, like  this one over at Michigan Quarterly Review, or here at The Ribbon. 

Summer is a typically a lull-time for me, creatively, so it’s been nice to focus on doing readings, traveling and enjoying time with my family. I’m looking forward to the fall, when I’ll dive back in to some new poems and continuing work on my most recent manuscript, A Man Carrying A Corpse, begun in 2013.

And wow: huge hurrah for summer’s big unexpected blooming: I’m most thrilled to announce that last week, Salmon Poetry accepted my most recent manuscript, Severance, which they will publish in Spring, 2019. A sharp stylistic departure from the realism of Our Sudden MuseumSeverance is a linked collection of poems taking as its core metaphorical plot the escape of two marionettes, Professor and Grief, who sever their lines and escape the theater and the play Winterland, in which they are the primary characters. For more information about Severance, and to listen to “Grief in the Apples,” a poem from the collection, click here.

Thanks, as always, for supporting me in my word wanderings.