Well, let me catch you up. Late 2015, Sheet Music was published by Three Bee Press.  Thanks to Editor Greg Wahl, who letterpress printed the book, and bound it by hand with his sister, Elizabeth. If you wish to purchase a signed copy, they’re going fast–and there were only 150 copies to begin with: visit my newly re-vamped BOOKS page, where you’ll find links to buy all my books, which you’ve been meaning to do so why not do it now. Thanks to the good folks at Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters, who hosted a wonderful launch of the book in April, 2016. Sheet Music was my first attempt at illustration for a book of my own, as well, which was fun and slightly terrifying. Soon I will be putting up for sale signed, framed copies of the remaining drawings on my website; stay tuned, because you’ll want to spend a chunk of hard-earned money on some line drawings by a hack.

Meanwhile, my forthcoming collection, Our Sudden Museum, begun in the middle of the Paleozoic Era, is due to be published by Salmon Poetry in Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland, in February, 2017. The book will be launched at AWP in Washington DC, and I will soon arrange a tour of promotional readings for the collection.

My manuscript Severance, a collection of poems about two marionettes who sever their lines and escape the stage, begun in 2010, was completed in 2015, and is out floating around in Editorland, at a few places, more soon. In fact, while we speak there are no doubt a couple of Editors arm wrestling to see who will be able to publish the book. Individual poems from the collection will be sent out soon—though as a linked, arcing narrative, it is a touch challenging publishing these works out of context. But, we’ll see. I’m still looking for stop-motion artists who might like to translate one or two of these poems into a short film. For fame and free beer. Let me know if you want to give it a shot.

My manuscript A Man Carrying a Corpse, a collection of poems about a man carrying a corpse around—go figure—begun in Fall 2013, is deep in process. I’ve completed between 30-40 poems and am editing heavily while making new work. The first few poems from that collection were recently published. You can read the poem “Man Flying Corpse Flying Man” over at The Collagist, or if you purchase a copy of Storm Cellar, you can read two other pieces from the collection: “Man and Corpse at the Bridge,” or “Family Dinner.”  Soon I will be submitting several more of these poems. If any are published, you’ll hear of it.

On the horizon, I’ll be looking to continue work on another manuscript-in-progress, tentatively entitled The Light and Heavy Chest, which finds itself currently loosely interested in magic and broad themes of deception—societal, political and personal. And stuff.

Yep. That’s all folks. For now.

Yours in poems,