Editor Greg Wahl of the brand-new Three Bee Press  just uploaded a working draft of the new website, and continues to design my forthcoming chapbook, Sheet Music, the press’s inaugural book of poems. The book features the first six poems of my full manuscript, Severance, a linked body of poems about two marionettes who escape the stage. For the chapbook, Greg, who is a book and art lover and collector, thought it would be great to have some accompanying artwork, so I decided to have my hand at some drawings, something I do incredibly rarely, and arguably should never do. It was huge fun scratching some images on the page, all inspired by the poems. Here is a sneak peek at two of the book’s images.




Sheet Music is being letterpress-printed in Eastern Market, Detroit, at Signal Return, and will be bound by the hands of Greg and his sister, Elizabeth, in the coming weeks, with a publication date of March, 2016 as a working goal. Hopefully soon the book will become available for pre-order/purchase via the website.

Only 150 copies of the chapbook will be printed. All copies will be signed by the author.

For more information about Three Bee Press, head over to their Facebook hive. The buzz is just beginning.