Thanks to the great audience who came out for the first annual north45east reading last night, held at Art in the Loft, a beautiful wide-open gallery space in Downtown Alpena, with huge windows and a view of the lake. I was honored to read with such a lineup of poets, and lucky it was a book-buying crowd, especially as I drove the nearly 3 hours both to and from the reading. Though I didn’t need the confirmation of our state’s beauty, it was a gasp-inducing drive across the fields and forests of Northern Michigan. And I was lucky to not hit an elk or a deer on the way home, winding the back roads beneath the sprawling stars. 

The event’s founders. Anne Bastow Heraghty and Joe Bastow, a brother and sister team, are Alpena natives who have returned to the town of their childhood and are working hard to stir up the poetry fire there. I hope to be fireside in that lakeshore town again as soon as possible. Thanks, Alpena! Image


3 thoughts on “Another Michigan Town Sprouting Poetry

  1. Just now seeing this post, Robert. What a lovely evening that was. Thanks so much for coming.

  2. Sheesh! You must be wrecked. That is a long drive! Love you more than words…except for vituperative. (Shit. Now I’m gonna have to look it up.)


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