(Poetry in) Michigan (in Poetry)


Poetry lovers, Michigan lovers, and Poetry in Michigan lovers: you’re bound to love this book. New Issues Press will be publishing a Michigan poetry anthology this October called Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry, and I’m thrilled to be included in its pages. Edited by celebrated Michigan Poets Bill Olsen and Jack Ridl, the selection is diverse; the poems cover many geographies and states of being within this state. This is a great state of poetry and for poetry, and this book proves it. It’s a weighty text, a 200-pg hardcover, and at that it’s only a slice of poetry; these editors had a tough job not including so many other good poets. I call for a Volume Two!

And speaking of Michigan poetry, I have a great reading to tell you about. Head to Alpena on August 8 for the first annual north45east poetry reading from 6-9pm at Art in the Loft. I’ll be reading with Dennis Hinrichsen, Natalie Ruth Joynton, Keith Taylor, David James, Marc Sheehan, Anne Bastow Heraghty and Joe Bastow. Can’t wait to hear all those voices.