New Poems

Hello! I’m happy to let you know that one of my new poems, The Bird in the Room, appears in the new issue of The Cortland Review. Also, the new issue of Rattle has been published, which features my poem entitled Watching My Daughter Through the One-Way Mirror of a Preschool Observation Room, which you can purchase here, if you’re interested. Both of these poems are from my new manuscript, entitled Our Sudden Museum, which is circulating among publishers, while I sit, with fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “New Poems

  1. Great poem Roberto. I don’t like thinking about losing Mom either. You captured the fear beautifully. I kicked Mom’s tires and I think she got another 100k miles or so. Whew. Love you. MC

  2. Beautiful! As the subject of this poem, I can’t help hoping the bird is not spotted in my home in the near future! Love it and you, MaMa

    • Ha! Mom: the bird in this poem is my own fear, of losing you! But I know that won’t happen, thankfully, any time soon. (But I’ll still worry anyway….luckily, I have poems to help me work through it!)

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