With an Ear to the Wall

This poet is back from an amazing East Coast vacation, including a trip to Washington D.C. Being interviewed by Grace Cavalieri at the Library of Congress was breathtaking–the whole experience. Grace’s questions are particular, personal, intuitive, and utterly unpredictable. I opened by reading my poem “Staying the Night,” and was immediately greeted with the question: What is courage?

(How would you answer that?)

The archived interview, in its entirety, will appear on the Library of Congress site of “The Poet and The Poem” in about a month or so, I’m told. And it will go out on the airwaves, then too, though there’s no telling what radio stations will run the show, or where. If I’m able to find out, I’ll post it here.

Currently, I’m also busy at work on three new poems, which were commissioned by the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center. It’s a fantastic collaboration. Details for the project are below–but essentially, I’ve been asked to respond to three photographs with poems. The beautiful photographs were taken by individuals with developmental disabilities—I selected three very interesting pieces–all close-ups of surfaces: a wooden wall, a white/blue surface, a peeling archway. I spent last evening staring at the photo of the painted red wall, listening. Here I’ll need to be reminded of Rilke’s insistence on the focused gaze–that if we look at anything long enough, it will take us deep into our own life.

Here are the details: Note that there will be an opening reception in early October in Detroit, featuring the photographs and the poems (what fantastic poets and writers they’ve selected too: John Rybicki, Zilka Joseph, Peter Markus, and several others…). The gallery show will be a traveling exhibit, and the project will also be printed in a book, I understand.

More details to follow!

“Our Vision, Our Voice: An Artistic Duet”

MORC Photography Project
Opening on Tuesday, October 5, 2012
The Macomb-Oakland Regional Center project provided photographic instruction to individuals with developmental disabilities and paired them with published poets who have written accompanying poems inspired by the photos. An exhibition of the photos and poems will take place at Detroit Artists Market in Detroit in October 2012.