Wander, Wonder

Thanks to Anya Cobler for inviting me to be the featured reader at the first anniversary of the Oaken Transformations Sculpture and Poetry Walk. The reading took place under a huge oak tree overlooking a beautiful pond and a wooded landscape in Brighton. After poems by John Ganiard, Audra Puchalski, Ben Fidler and Russell Brakefield, I read selections from my works in progress, followed by a great acoustic performance by Brakefield’s bluegrass band, Winter/Sessions. If you get a chance, visit Oaken Transformations and stroll through the sculpture and poetry walk. It is a beautiful, contemplative environment that Anya has created on the grounds of her father Dr. Fred Bonine’s dental offices. I am honored that my poem “What is Written on the Leaves” has a home on a plaque there beside a trail, deep in the woods.