You Can’t Wear Pajamas When You Do It, That’s All

To think I could’ve spent 10 minutes and zero calories. I could’ve done it in my pajamas. I could’ve clicked my mouse and ordered them. They would have been on my doorstep in a week, and I would’ve contributed my money to an organization that funds politicians I despise and corporations that are killing our nation.

You won’t believe what I just did, instead. Instead, I got in my car on this rainy day and drove less than a mile. Instead, I walked into the friendly tiny bookstore in my town. Instead, I talked to the clerk. His name was Jean. We talked about our town. We talked about the rain and this cold spring. We talked about my friend Kristin Palm, who went to school with his daughter, who owns this little friendly tiny bookstore in town. As he ordered all of my books, he reminded me of the 3/50 Project, to raise awareness about the importance of buying locally vs. online. I shook his hand. He had a nice smile and asked me to come back into the store. The rain outside was steady; I enjoyed listening to the rain while I perused the magazines and books in the store. There were two cats in the store and the Rolling Stones on the speakers. I picked up some of the books and touched them. (Even smelled a couple.) I then walked back out into the rain. I don’t wear a pedometer, but I’m sure I burned at least 100 calories or so. Maybe less. (Were it a sunny day, I might’ve walked or ridden my bike, though.) But I felt really good, knowing that I was supporting my town’s economy, and knowing that most of the money–in fact, $68 for each $100 I spent, will now go right directly back into my community. Had I done it online, in my pajamas, NONE of that money would’ve gone to my town, and by NOT supporting it, I would have–instead–endangered this friendly tiny bookstore, namely: The Book Shelf, in my town. Jean assured me my books will arrive next week, or so. I will come back to the store and pick them up. Maybe then I will meet his daughter and I will tell her what a great job she’s doing with the store and how glad I am to know that she had the guts to put a bookstore back into our town, after the one she worked in for 20 years, closed. The only thing I’ll regret, is that I’ll have to put on my clothes. That I won’t be wearing pajamas. But I’ll get over it.