Poems in Atlanta Review

Today I received a copy of the Atlanta Review, which features two of my new poems: “The Beam,” and “The Island of Many Colored Houses.” I’m so awful at sending poems out with any consistency. One benefit of which is that I receive less rejections, I suppose. But that thrill: of seeing one’s name in the table of contents, then flipping to the page where the poem is; that’s still a high. And it’s even better when you realize the poem, that you haven’t looked at in a while, doesn’t totally suck.

If you’re looking for a journal to subscribe to–Atlanta Review is such a safe bet. I find that every time I read an issue there is tremendous consistency to their pages. I’m always moved by what I find there, and I love their international focus. This month is the Italy issue, edited by Francesco Levato.

And on the dark side: the journal that tops my shit-list is the American Poetry Review, which took 9 fucking months to reject a poem of mine. I will not send my poems their way again and you shouldn’t either. Even Poetry magazine, a much higher quality journal, takes 1/3 of that time, or less, to respond. Any magazine that takes longer than a few months to respond isn’t worth the time, and I don’t care how fancy they are.